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Oct 29, 2013 5:00pm EDT
nicole. >>> chris brown, well, no he caught a big break. yes. good lawyer and maybe, you know, a beautiful smile. he probably went back to the -- remember when he was a double dint kid and he was no nice and fresh years ago? that's probably the chris he gave to the judge. the assault charges for chris for allegedly punching a man in the face were reduced from floep to misdemeanor. he pled not guilty. look, it's one of the robertson's from duck dynasty. he's scheduled to return to court on november 25th. something has got to be done with chris brown. reich somebody really does need to -- okay. so he was facing four years in jail and now it's alleged that he's facing maybe six months in jail. i don't know that it's jail for him. he needs a mental evaluation or something. you can't just -- you cannot just -- he needs to be taught that you cannot just go around in life beating the stew out of women, punching people in the face outside a d.c. hotel, throwing a chair out the window at "good morning america" that could have landed on anyone on the sidewalk. he's got to learn, you can
Nov 1, 2013 5:00pm EDT
know, chris brown is under anger management. i believe that's a step in the right direction. what are your thoughts on chris brown? >> what is rehabbing? "re"means to do again and h"hab is the behavior. >> he used to be the double mint kid. >> what's the cause? just like if you're doing drugged or alcohol. if you don't get to the cause, it's going stay. >> wendy: how's your life? are you in love? >> how's my life? >> wendy: you're the one who tauts me it's okay to break up with girlfriends and that was 15 years ago. >> i'm blessed and honored to say i have a gorgeous loving supportive healthy beautiful black man. >> wendy: is he young? is he younger or older? >> same age but well fit. >> wendy: good, good. >> i keep him quiet because there's pieces and parts of my life not everyone needs to know. >> wendy: i appreciate you sharing that little piece of tidbit. and it's nice to see you again. >> thank you, miss wendy. >>> up next from master chef junior, the kid chef alexander weiss is here. [ female announcer ] having grands biscuits in the morning is easy. pop them in, go about yo
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2